Hi, I'm Sam.

product manager, creator

What I Do

I turn creative concepts into exciting products that hit market sweet spots, as well as build and lead innovative, high-performance product organizations. Whether it’s partnering with executives, founders or agile product teams, I leverage years of product management experience to quickly ship products that deliver both business and customer value.


SaaS, web and mobile apps, with a track record of successes creating products that have been acquired

Leadership &

Accomplished presenter of ideas, developer of strategies, scrum master and ability to hustle in agile environments


A unique blend of artistic, technical and organizational skills, wire-framing, UI/UX and HTML prototyping

Technology &

Experience with common product management tools, including Confluence, JIRA, Optimizely, KISSMetrics and more

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Featured Project

Racing Elements

Racing Elements is a unique racing-themed weather app that proudly showcases more than 60 years of artistic weather-matched Grand Prix racing photography by legendary motor sport photographers Paul-Henri Cahier and his late father Bernard Cahier, both celebrated masters of their field and whose work has been exhibited all over the world.

"It's Brilliant." - Road & Track Magazine

About Me

I love the challenge of determining the difference between a satisfactory approach and a significantly better approach, whether it's product or process, finding the most efficient use of mobile screen real estate or dealing effectively with budget and capacity constraints.

As a team member or a leader, I aim to inspire others by role-modeling passion and a work-ethic that contains a blend of both diligence and fun.

I'm crazy about my family, Formula One racing, Old Fashioned cocktails, stand-up comedy and making the worst holiday cards imaginable. Also, I'm convinced the only true measure of happiness is in the amount of time in which you spend laughing.

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My Focus





My Work

Here are a few current and recent things I've created, which include both enterprise and consumer products.


Enterprise Real Estate
Contact Relationship Manager (CRM)

2004 Innovation Award Nominee, Inman News

Top 10 Trendsetters of 2006, RIS Media

Real estate brokers and agents are being challenged daily to add additional value to the home buying process. Therefore we developed AgentAchieve®, a leading enterprise real estate Contact Relationship Manager (CRM), to give brokers and agents an integrated set of lead capture, client management and marketing tools to generate and respond to opportunities, as well as use unique data insights to their competitive advantage.

AgentAchieve was acquired by CoreLogic (Ticker symbol: CLGX) and is in use internationally.

What I Did

  • Led product requirement gathering, design and development of AgentAchieve, shipping the first version of the product in only 3 months
  • Created product requirements, UI/UX, information architecture, branding, creative design and managed large-scale enterprise customer rollouts
  • Consistently exceeded delivery commitments to the company’s multi-million dollar clients
  • Delivered sales and investor presentations to C-Level executives at numerous FORTUNE 500 companies; Spoke at rollout keynote presentations to groups ranging from 400-800 people at a time
  • Built and led an industry-leading development team including 10 direct reports
  • Led the product management, development and support teams for AgentAchieve, the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for brokers and their agents in the real estate industry, pre-and-post acquisition
  • 2012 y-o-y product results included 25% increase in gross revenue, 20% EBITDA margins, 25% increase in enterprise customers, 88% increase in end user counts, 158% increase in MLS data acquisitions and extended product footprint into three countries, including US, Canada and Australia
  • Managed product roadmap, product rollouts, budgeting, resource allocation and customer/partner integrations
  • Transitioned product and development teams into a functional organization

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Racing Elements

Racing-Themed Weather App
with weather-matched photography

"Weirdly Perfect" - Road & Track Magazine

"Clever" - RACER Magazine

"World's most beautiful weather app" - Circuit of Americas

I imagined, created and designed a unique, new style of weather app (for iOS and Android phones & tablets) that combines weather information with stunning imagery from the world’s top photographers to delight and inform fans passionate about a sport or activity.

For top photographers, a Weather Elements’ app provides a powerful platform for brand-enhancing visibility, as well as a profitable means for new and existing fans to enjoy and interact with their artwork daily in ways that a traditional website or a printed publication cannot.

The first theme, called Racing Elements, was designed for the 540 million annual viewers of Formula One racing, and proudly showcases more than 60 years of artistic and historic dry and wet weather Grand Prix racing photography by legendary motor sport photographers Paul-Henri Cahier and his late father Bernard Cahier, both celebrated masters of their field and whose work has been exhibited all over the world.

Racing Elements was downloaded in 106 countries within the first three days of availability.

What I Did

  • Concept and branding
  • Product Management
  • Photographer outreach and licensing
  • App Design and UI/UX
  • Website design and coding
  • Social Media Marketing and Public Relations
  • Editing and co-writing of historical Formula One commentary

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The Selfie Analyzer

A fun, tongue-in-cheek
selfie app

A "Can't-Miss App" - Mashable.com

The Selfie Analyzer is a fun, tongue-in-cheek app that analyzes and grades your selfies, so you'll finally know which selfies to post and which ones to not!

Since the dawn of the selfie, selfie takers have universally wondered, "Is this a good selfie?", "Will this get any Likes on Facebook?" and "Am I almost too good-looking?!"

To finally answer THESE QUESTIONS OF OUR TIME (echoes for a full minute), The Selfie Analyzer is a fun and silly app created to "scientifically" analyze and grade selfies, so people everywhere can finally know which selfies to post and which ones to not.

Using science both real and imagined, The Selfie Analyzer ME-24/7 analyzes any selfie for:

  • Overall Performance
  • Vanity Level
  • Mind Reading
  • Mood Analysis
  • Spirit Animal
  • And an Overall Grade

The Selfie Analyzer works on Individual selfies, Group selfies and Pet selfies. No, The Selfie Analyzer does not work on food. That would be ridiculous.

And finally, as selfies takers take selfies, The Selfie Analyzer app will award various trophies and achievements selfie takers have long sensed that they deserved, providing an easy way for anyone to build their own personal shrine. Built for you, by you! And who better to do it?!

Created with Brian Shamblen and Marshall Gallo, long-time friends, fellow app developers and arguable humanitarians, The Selfie Analyzer is available for iOS as a free download.

What I Did

  • Concept and branding
  • Product Management
  • App Design, UI/UX and light coding
  • Co-created 'vanity engine' using facial recognition and psychology
  • Website design and coding
  • Social Media Marketing and Public Relations
  • Co-Writing of jokes, copywriting and messaging

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Buzz Station

Business Video Blog to drive leads and engagement

Buzz Station was a clutter-free, business video blog designed to get you more leads, more subscribers and look great on any device.

Buzz Station's objective was to maximize the value of your YouTube videos by focusing the viewer on your content, increasing engagement and putting an emphasis on lead capture.

Additionally, the Buzz Station mobile app that would guide you through making various types of business videos, allowed you to quickly respond to video inquires (via text or video response) and automatically posted your new videos to social networks.

What I Did

  • Product Management
  • Branding & Visual Identity
  • App Design, UI/UX and light coding
  • Website design and coding
  • Copywriting and messaging

Note: Buzz Station was never released and the startup was dissolved. A variation of a product with this name now exists, but it does not include this feature set or contain my work displayed here.

Not Work

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I believe innovation comes from a perspective of possibilities, an authentic motivation for betterment, and a true partnership between committed, talented and kind people.

If there is ever anything I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ask.